[37] Audio Sources And Other Stuff

09/20/2021, 06:47pm

Something that's finally been implemented is audio sources. Now I'm able to place ambient sounds throughout the world, and the atmosphere has really improved because of it.

The server doesn't care about the audio sources, but they are synced to players as part of the clientside map data. The details are not super interesting.

Other Stuff

Back when I implemented rest as a health regeneration mechanic (see dev log 33), I didn't actually include a concept of rest zones. So, characters could rest anywhere in the world just by staying out of combat for a bit. It was convenient but really removed any tension the game had, so I fixed it. Now, zones for places like settlements can be marked as rest zones and the rest status effect will only occur in such a zone.

I've also just been polishing up the game client a lot. UI elements should look a little cleaner and more consistent, there are more sound effects and bits of feedback in various parts of the game, and some frustrating control issues have been resolved. I'm gonna keep tinkering on these small fixes as time goes on, and as player feedback comes in.

I merged the Armorcrafting and Weaponcrafting skills into one Gearcrafting skill. There was no real reason to keep them separated, and it just meant you had to grind two skills to get a whole set of good gear. I don't think anybody will miss the separation and this will streamline things a little bit. Related to this, you no longer need to have a hammer in your hands to begin crafting. It just needs to be in your inventory.

I did a small dev stream at twitch.tv/dooskington yesterday. I'm not much of a streamer but I'm looking to get the word out on the game a little more and try to grow a community for it. When I was younger I enjoyed watching game development streams and was inspired by them, so maybe somebody will find inspiration in seeing Antorum behind the scenes. Anyway, if you're interested in that sort of stuff, follow me so you get alerted next time I go live.

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- Declan (@dooskington)