[24] Fishing

11/25/2020, 05:48pm

The Fishing skill brings a new foraging opportunity to the Isle, allowing players to kick back and cast a line out into Antorum's vast waters. The lakes, streams, and surrounding oceans are now home to a variety of fish, just waiting to be caught, thrown on a skillet, and made into a fine meal.

"Fish Nodes" are essentially just forage nodes that have a drop table instead of just a single output item, so there isn't much to talk about on the technical side. They also have some unique spawn rules to prevent too many nodes from existing in an area, but I'm still unsure if that functionality is final. In the future I need to do another pass over this stuff to consolidate the forage node spawning logic and get rid of some duplicated code.

Unlike when harvesting forage nodes with the Herbology skill, a Fishing Rod is required to fish. You can pick one up at any general store on the Isle. Speaking of forage nodes, I needed an art break, so I also added a few new things to be harvested in the world.

I'm on vacation and don't want to write much, so that's all I'm gonna say for now. I'm looking forward to adding more fish and fishing gear in the future. For now, I've got to move on to other features.

- Declan (@dooskington)