[23] Herbology

11/02/2020, 11:10pm

The Herbology skill allows players to take advantage of the wide array of fauna growing on the island. Ingredients can now be harvested and used for things like potions, cooking, or just to be sold for a quick coin or two.

"Forage Nodes" pretty much work identically to how item spawners work. An forage node spawner entity is placed in the editor, and the desired forage node entity is specified as an option. Here's an example of the lettuce-forage-node entity definition:

id = 25 [networked] [transform] [info] name = "Lettuce" model_id = 65 description = "There is some Lettuce growing there." [interactable] interactions = ["forage", "walk-to", "examine"] [forage_node] item_res_name = "lettuce" skill_exp_award = 3

Once a forage node is harvested, it will respawn after some random delay (which can also be tweaked). For now I've added a handful of improved variants of recipes requiring the use of harvested herbs/plants, as well as some new recipes (like scrambled eggs). I'm looking forward to adding more, but items are time consuming to work on. Most of the time spent on this stuff was just in the new art assets alone.

There isn't a ton else to talk about - after procrastinating for a month on implementing this skill, it turned out to be pretty easy to get "done". Some other boring stuff I did was improve hitboxes on entities (so mouse selection is less frustrating), tinker with always-visible nameplates on NPCs (I didn't like this and reverted it), add Chickens, and modify some NPC drop tables.

The next thing I work on will be the Fishing skill, but I've got a long list of random junk to finish during this month so I'll probably be taking detours.

- Declan (@dooskington)