[32] World Map And More Content

04/13/2021, 02:47am

I'm still working on new additions and fixes to support the next alpha test, which I am hoping to start up in May.

Map of Antorum

I added a map item to the game. Each new character is given one for free.

It is pretty basic, and doesn't even show where the player is. You'll need to use your surroundings, compass, and map to get your bearings. As part of this work, I added the ability to render blips for services in the world - so things like the vault, a trader, or even a cooking station should not be as difficult to find. I added a new tool to the editor to help with the placement of such blips.

Robes and other new items

I added a bunch of robes, in various colors. Some of them require a specific Ritual level to be equipped. Here is a small subset of them.

There are also a bunch of other new items, like pizza. Yeah, you can cook pizza now. I'm pretty happy about it.

Support for Move Speed Bonuses

It used to be dubious to modify the movement speed of an entity at runtime, because all the clients would fall out of sync and use the old movement speed until they got a fresh state update. I finally got around to fixing this by requesting a movement state sync whenever a MovementComponent gets an updated speed. To take advantage of this fix, I added a new Ritual that gives a 10% move speed bonus for 30 minutes.

Bulky & Tall Characters

To help add some visual variety, I added support for "bulk" and "height" in player and non-player characters.

Like with other customization options, NPCs can be set up to get a randomized bulk and height when they spawn. As a player you'll be able to tweak these values during character creation.


  • Entity selection should no longer happen through the terrain
  • Teleporting while moving should now properly cancel the movement
  • Players will no longer get full experience points for performing an activity which they have out-leveled
  • Pathfinding should properly respect and handle diagonal tiles once again
  • Skells will now drop iron gear much less often, and will drop ruined gear instead
  • Added a new tier of salvage kit which has a lower chance of breaking
  • Added some danger signs around the isle to warn players of... danger, I guess
  • Refined some more terrain textures to eliminate the "tiled" terrain look used throughout development
  • Corpsefish can now be cooked
  • Examining an item with zero attributes will no longer send an empty chat message
  • All other players will now see the particle effect that occurs when you level a skill up
  • Added a particle effect that occurs when you cast a ritual
  • Bones now drop when a player dies, as they already did with NPCs

- Declan (@dooskington)